About Michy

HI there! I’m Michy, and if you want to read my full bio, you can do so at my author site, http://www.MichelleLDevon.com, where you’ll find more about me and my writing ventures. I’m an author, an editor by trade, and a professional dreamer, in that, I live my dream… every day. I work from home, mostly writing, sometimes editing, and doing what I love most in the comfort of my own home, most of the time in my pajamas. Life doesn’t get much better than living your purpose and your dream every day of your life with the people you love.


If it’s true that every silver lining has to have a cloud, and every cloud can sometimes rain… then that is true for me where my health is concerned. In 2007, I was hospitalized for septecemia, due to an undertreated cellulitis infection, and my life hasn’t ever been the same. In 2011, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and pulmonary arterial hypertension. I had been hospitalized for massive multiple bileteral pulmonary embolisms, and am truly lucky to be alive.

Today, I am on a quest to heal myself–through eating the right foods, exercising in a way my doctor says is safe for me, and using non-traditional methods along with Western Medicine to bring about better health and healing. Alternative medicine and healthy eating are two of the ways I am taking control of my health and doing something to make my life better, so I can live longer, and enjoy living my purpose.

So to that end, I began scouring the web for a diet I could sustain, that would not bore my family but wasn’t so strange they wouldn’t eat it, but mostly, that was healthy–heart healthy, body healthy, and good for fueling the body too.

I researched many diets, from low-fat, low-carb, low-whatever… most of them became low-interest for me really quickly.

Finally, I ran across the Paleo diet. The premise of this diet is that our bodies, scientifically, biologically, ecologically, are geared to eat certain types of foods. Okay, so this has a bit of a evolutionary premise to it, but bear with me. It makes some sense if you think about it. Our bodies are designed to eat natural foods, not processed foods or chemicals. We’ve learned that these foods and chemicals can have both positive and negative effects, such as medication that is life saving or pesticides that are meant to kill things, and with enough of them, slowly kill us.

The Paleo diet basically is about getting back to eating as all-natural as possible, and also eating the foods that our bodies are, evolutionarily speaking, meant to eat. For example, wheat isn’t something our bodies were originally meant to eat, and surely not the type and amount of wheat that we currently eat. Some of the problems we have with our diet include the hormones in our meats and dairy products, high-fructose corn syrup (and sugar in general), wheat in general, gluten, processed sodium, and more.

But I don’t want to be limited to any one diet. In general, our way of eating is all-natural (or as all-natural as possible), chemical and pesticide free, non-processed, no fast food, and as organic as possible. I can’t always find what I want the way I want it, but I try. The point is to make this a sustainable diet, so I’m doing my best to find the best quality products I can, but at prices we can afford, that are reasonable accommodations to a normal diet.

The biggest part is this: No Fast Food.

None. Absolutely zero fast food.

So this blog is all about my adventures with trying to heal my heart and my health through what I eat, using food as treatment, medication and fuel. Making food more than just something you do because you have to to stay alive, but to really dig in and enjoy the experience. I make food a part of my everyday life now, planning menus for my family, shopping for the best produce and meats, finding grass-fed beefs, special all-natural treats, snacks we can enjoy that are healthy and make us feel good, metabolism boosting foods, and more. It’s become a passion, and that passion, I now share with you.

What you, as a ‘normal’ eater can get from this blog is how to make quality, good food for your family at a price you can afford, with simple steps. Neat foods, good foods, weird foods, gourmet foods… but accessible to everyone. If you can boil water, you can make these meals… but when they are a little harder, I say so.

More than just being good for you, I also balance all these meals out so they are healthy and actually have all that you need for the proper fuel to power your body all day, while keeping your heart and adrenals healthy, kidney and liver health, and helping to clear out and detox the body. This is good eating of good food…

…or else, it’s just recipes and pictures and some Houston/Galveston area restaurant reviews. Really up to you what you get out of it!