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Grilling Fruit: Outdoor Grilling Classic with a Fruity Twist

How to Grill Fruit on an Outdoor Grill for Dessert

If you love grilling but feel like only meat and sturdy vegetables can be grilled outdoors, think again! One of the best things to grill outdoors are pieces of fruit, both for adding to a meat dish/kabob or as dessert!
1154387_90892203If you’ve read any of my other recent articles, you’ll know I’m on a grilling kick! I love summer and good temperatures and swimming pools and most of all: outdoor cooking!

I love grilled meats, grilled vegetables and shrimp, and I adore grilled fruit! That’s right – grilled fruit!

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Chocolate – Food of the Gods – All About Chocolate

Do you like chocolate? So many do, as it is one of the most widely purchased and consumed delicacies available today. Read more about chocolate and its history.
From the cacao tree comes the base ingredient for chocolate – the cocoa bean. Chocolate has a rich history, steeped in mystery and divine properties, 1435534_18022037throughout the ages as a delicacy, from the Mayan and Aztec societies, whose elite drank an unsweetened cocoa drink, all the way to the modern-day chocolate confection bar that is so common today.

The cacao tree has pods that contain seeds, and it is these seeds that are used to be crushed or pressed to begin the process of making ‘chocolate’, or sometimes at this stage better known as cocoa. These trees were native to the Americas, especially Central America, and this is where the rich history of chocolate seems to begin, over 2000 years ago. Soon, the Spanish conquistadors came and took the seeds back to their country, and the use of cacao seeds to make chocolate type beverages and foods expanded, until, as it is now, chocolate is available in many forms all over the world.

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Curried Black Quinoa Recipe

We made this dish for the first time tonight, and I was completely blown away by how complex the flavors are, how ‘buttery’ it tasted, even though we didn’t use a drop of butter, and how filling it was. I didn’t miss the meat in the dish at all, but I did mention below that meat could be added. This is, as written, a great vegan dish, if you use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth, and a good all-around vegetarian main course or a side dish. It would go great with a hearty or firm fish served over the top of it as well.

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Lettuce Wraps with Mango Pico de Gallo Salsa

1013707_10152980483630226_545739974_nWhile I made this recipe for the food stamp challenge, it’s yummy and worth making even when you’re not on such a tight budget. First, let me link you to my Asian Lettuce Wraps, so you can learn how to cook the meat from that. Really, all you need to do is cook some ground beef until it’s a flavor you like. If you want to Asian sweet and tangy recipe, you can click here for that. Otherwise, be creative. A little soy sauce, some oyster sauce, fish sauce or hoison sauce will all give you some Asian flare, and don’t be afraid to add the red pepper flakes to your meat too. For a Mexican flavor, go with some burrito or taco seasoning packages for quick and easy spices, or you can go Indian with some curry, cumin, turmeric and other great spices like those. The options for how to cook the meat are limitless only to your desire for flavor. Be bold. Be creative. Try something new for a new taste sensation!

The rest of the wraps are easy–whatever you like can go into a wrap. You want to use a good, hearty lettuce leaf. Romaine makes great lettuce leaf ‘boats’ where you can pick the whole thing up and eat it without too much trouble. Leaf lettuce is great in that it makes a great lettuce wrap, but you won’t be able to just pick it up–you’ll have to wrap the food up in the leaf. But I like the flavor of the leaf lettuce, sort of soft and buttery. Cabbage works fine for making ‘boat’ wraps too, purple or green or white cabbage. This goes great with the sweet and tangy Asian flavors and adds an entirely different nutritional value than the lettuce.

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Seasoned Creamy Rice

dahlyRice is rice, and it’s white and simple and plain and it can be spiced up and sweetened up and done savory or however you want it. For me, I like a flavorful rice, something other than the bland starch all by itself. I am always looking for ways to use rice in a healthy, tasty way, and creamy rice is one of those ways. As creamy and good as this can make rice, you might think there’s some milk or cream or something dairy in this recipe, but there’s not! (Of course, I have a ‘variation’ at the end that has some ‘creamy’ stuff to add to it, if you want). This is a yummy, flavorful rice that is easy to make but you have to start it a little ahead of time.

So the first step is to buy the right kind of rice. The best rice for this is basmati rice. However, you can do this with just about any rice, as long as it’s not the minute-rice variety. You don’t want to buy the minute-rices or the boil-in-bag rices. These rices are processed, with a lot of the starch outer part of the rice rinsed and washed and sometimes they are bleached and they are processed and some even have MSG and salt added to them.

Stay away!

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