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Massaged Kale Citrus Salad–Salty & Sweet & Spicy

organic-cabbage-plant-1255128-mKale is one of those leafy greens that are so good for you (in moderation), but a lot of folks just don’t like it. It has a bitter ‘bite’ to it that’s tough to take for those who aren’t into eating things that are very ‘green’ tasting. I’ve learned how to prepare kale many different ways, though, in order to make it taste better and let you enjoy the pleasure of eating it while getting the awesome plant-based nutrition that you may be wanting in your diet.

Kale chips are one of my all-time favorite snacks, super easy to make. It is, however, expensive and that’s a downside, but it’s so worth it. I make dehydrated kale chips, baked kale chips, fried kale chips, kale chips with nutritional yeast that taste like cheesy chips, kale chips with sea salt and pepper, kale chips with spices… I think you get the idea that I like kale chips.

But if you’re wanting to try kale more natural but still without that bite that is off-putting, then massaging kale with some citrus prior to serving it solves the problem easily and tastily. You can use lemon or lime if you want something that’s more tart or orange juice for something more sweet. Orange juice takes a little longer to take the bite out of the kale, so I use a combination of orange juice and lime juice to massage those juices into the kale and get that bite out faster than orange juice alone, and with a fresh, bright pop from the lemon juice too.

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Lettuce Wraps with Mango Pico de Gallo Salsa

1013707_10152980483630226_545739974_nWhile I made this recipe for the food stamp challenge, it’s yummy and worth making even when you’re not on such a tight budget. First, let me link you to my Asian Lettuce Wraps, so you can learn how to cook the meat from that. Really, all you need to do is cook some ground beef until it’s a flavor you like. If you want to Asian sweet and tangy recipe, you can click here for that. Otherwise, be creative. A little soy sauce, some oyster sauce, fish sauce or hoison sauce will all give you some Asian flare, and don’t be afraid to add the red pepper flakes to your meat too. For a Mexican flavor, go with some burrito or taco seasoning packages for quick and easy spices, or you can go Indian with some curry, cumin, turmeric and other great spices like those. The options for how to cook the meat are limitless only to your desire for flavor. Be bold. Be creative. Try something new for a new taste sensation!

The rest of the wraps are easy–whatever you like can go into a wrap. You want to use a good, hearty lettuce leaf. Romaine makes great lettuce leaf ‘boats’ where you can pick the whole thing up and eat it without too much trouble. Leaf lettuce is great in that it makes a great lettuce wrap, but you won’t be able to just pick it up–you’ll have to wrap the food up in the leaf. But I like the flavor of the leaf lettuce, sort of soft and buttery. Cabbage works fine for making ‘boat’ wraps too, purple or green or white cabbage. This goes great with the sweet and tangy Asian flavors and adds an entirely different nutritional value than the lettuce.

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Curried Tuna Salad with Lettuce Wraps

IMG_0053It’s not pretty, but this is a quick, easy dish to make for a light summer lunch. If you don’t do tuna, you can make this with chicken or egg. It’s best to use fresh tuna, but in a pinch, the canned variety will work–it’s just not as good, but I also understand it’s a lot less expensive. For this, I used about 16 ounces of tuna, so about three cans or two small-medium tuna filets. You can use this same recipe for several different things, like stuffing in beautiful colored sweet (bell) peppers, putting in romaine lettuce wraps, serving a scoop on some dried toast, or eating it straight out of the bowl, you heathen!

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