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Curried Tuna Salad with Lettuce Wraps

IMG_0053It’s not pretty, but this is a quick, easy dish to make for a light summer lunch. If you don’t do tuna, you can make this with chicken or egg. It’s best to use fresh tuna, but in a pinch, the canned variety will work–it’s just not as good, but I also understand it’s a lot less expensive. For this, I used about 16 ounces of tuna, so about three cans or two small-medium tuna filets. You can use this same recipe for several different things, like stuffing in beautiful colored sweet (bell) peppers, putting in romaine lettuce wraps, serving a scoop on some dried toast, or eating it straight out of the bowl, you heathen!

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Veggie Ciabatta Pizza (Vegetarian & Vegan Options)

Image09162013183150We’re working on reducing the amount of meat and carbs we eat–not all carbs, but the bad carbs, and loading up on good, quality carbohydrates, good fats and soft proteins more, and bad fats, grain-fed meats a nutritionally weak foods. We’re not cutting out all meat, but we found when we did the vegetarian 30-day challenge that we all felt better, had more energy, and Lynn and I both lost weight on it. The important part was, we FELT better. I didn’t notice it as much as when we stopped eating vegetarian, and I really noticed the difference after a heavy meat-intensive meal compared to how I’d feel after eating a veggie meal.

For me, it’s all about flavor. Fat and meats do indeed add flavor, but the challenge was to enjoy eating as a vegetarian. To do that, I was going to have to learn how to make food taste good without the crutch of the meat fat to flavor it. I needed savory, rich, serious vegetarian dishes that wouldn’t make me miss the meat. I think that’s where so many restaurants go wrong with vegetarian options on their menu: They simply take the meat out of existing recipes, leaving the veggies, but none of the flavor or taste.

So for this pizza, once you have your sauce and veggies on, before you put the cheese on, you want to drizzle that flavored olive oil over your veggies (I did say drizzle, not pour!) and then add your Himalayan pink sea salt and cracked pepper. If you’re doing vegan, either skip the cheese or add the vegan cheese product (which is often just a soy product) or if you’re just doing vegetarian and still eat cheese, then add your cheeses over the oil.

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