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Curried Black Quinoa Recipe

We made this dish for the first time tonight, and I was completely blown away by how complex the flavors are, how ‘buttery’ it tasted, even though we didn’t use a drop of butter, and how filling it was. I didn’t miss the meat in the dish at all, but I did mention below that meat could be added. This is, as written, a great vegan dish, if you use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth, and a good all-around vegetarian main course or a side dish. It would go great with a hearty or firm fish served over the top of it as well.

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Seasoned Creamy Rice

dahlyRice is rice, and it’s white and simple and plain and it can be spiced up and sweetened up and done savory or however you want it. For me, I like a flavorful rice, something other than the bland starch all by itself. I am always looking for ways to use rice in a healthy, tasty way, and creamy rice is one of those ways. As creamy and good as this can make rice, you might think there’s some milk or cream or something dairy in this recipe, but there’s not! (Of course, I have a ‘variation’ at the end that has some ‘creamy’ stuff to add to it, if you want). This is a yummy, flavorful rice that is easy to make but you have to start it a little ahead of time.

So the first step is to buy the right kind of rice. The best rice for this is basmati rice. However, you can do this with just about any rice, as long as it’s not the minute-rice variety. You don’t want to buy the minute-rices or the boil-in-bag rices. These rices are processed, with a lot of the starch outer part of the rice rinsed and washed and sometimes they are bleached and they are processed and some even have MSG and salt added to them.

Stay away!

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