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eVolve Restaurant: Fresh & Local Food Comes to Seabrook, Texas

11249161_1594013734210543_1336596288684995920_nSEABROOK, Texas – Aug. 18, 2015 – PRLog

Chef Adam Scott and his culinary team have opened the much awaited eVolve Restaurant in Seabrook, Texas, bringing years of exclusive private, members-only experience and worldwide culinary travels to the Bay Area.

eVolve, located at 2234 Nasa Parkway in Seabrook, TX is the career dream of Chef Adam Scott. His vision of an establishment using only fresh, local, and sustainable high-quality ingredients has come to fruition. While remodeling the location to match his vision, Chef Adam worked with local vendors to source only the best for his menu. Highlights from the menu include: Cactus Pear Cured Salmon, Caprese Salad with Heritage Tomatoes, and made-in-house mozzarella cheese. The Seared Snapper comes from the markets daily, and the steaks sourced are the best cuts and quality around.

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The Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup

Is it Really as Safe as Sugar?

Have you seen the ads and wondered if high fructose corn syrup is safe? I did, and here’s what I discovered: The Truth about High Fructose Corn Syrup.i-love-honey-bees-1317394

Recently, I’ve seen several commercials cropping up about the safety and ‘truth’ about high fructose corn syrup. These ads are likely in response to many of the all-natural fruit juice advertisements, which state that many processed fruit juices contain high fructose corn syrup, and say this in such a way that it appears to be a bad thing. When compared with all natural, 100% fruit juice, high fructose corn syrups would be a ‘bad thing’, just as added sugar would be when compared the same way.

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CLOSED: Trios American Bistro $100 Gift Card Giveaway!


Are you ready to win a $100 gift card to eat at Trios American Bistro in Kemah? There’s no purchase necessary–all you have to do to win is use the Rafflecopter below, and you’ll get one entry for each task you perform. It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s fast! Best yet, you’ll get to eat at one of the newest up-and-coming restaurants in the Houston/Galveston area, with a quite unique and wonderful menu from which to choose–or you can ask for a chef’s tasting menu, and enjoy a sampling of what this inspired restaurant has to offer!

We dined at Trios American Bistro on Valentine’s Day, and they had some bumps in the road then. We committed to come back and try them on a better night–because, arguably, V-day is the absolute worst day to judge ANY restaurant–and we were so glad we made our way back. You can see my review of them here, and see how very much I enjoyed dining there. Seriously, they had the absolute best sea bass I have EVER had, and I’ve never tasted such yummy crab cakes in my life. That’s saying something, since we live in an area where crab cakes are abundant, and I’ve had plenty–seriously, the best. Ever. I even finished my dessert, and I am so NOT a sweets/dessert eater. There was nothing I didn’t love at Trios.

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Portion Size, Portional Control, Rethinking “Full”

cheeseburger-with-fries-1426232-mAs I’m writing this book about the Food Stamp Challenge, and I’ve been interviewing people who are both on food stamps and not on them but are food insecure, I am learning one very important and critical thing. I’ll get to that in a moment, but let me talk about something else that’s related to this too. I read in the comments section of a blog the other day that someone said Michelle Obama was ‘starving our school children’. I did some more research into that too. Turns out, many folks think the portion sizes that are suggested for elementary school and high school children are too small, even though the calorie and nutritional content of the food meets the guidelines suggested for their age groups. Then I read the USDA food pyramid redone guidelines for the MyPlate. Then I started looking into MyFitnessPal and their recommendations.

I took a basic, average school child’s diet and plugged it into MyFitnessPal. I took a basic adult’s diet and plugged that into MyFitnessPal. Then I plugged in typical fast food meals–for example, a Whataburger #1 with an upsized fry and full-sugar soda. Did you know that this one meal is HALF of your daily allowance for calories and half of your daily allowance for fat? It’s also half your daily allowance for sodium. So let’s assume you had a Whataburger #1 meal for lunch, you had a Starbucks Venti Latte for breakfast, and then you come home for dinner, there’s almost no way you can plan a healthy dinner and keep it below the calorie count you need for the day to maintain and healthy weight and be heart healthy on good fats and sodium.

Now, if you, instead, ordered a junior burger and small fry with a small cola, or even with an unsweetened iced tea, NOW you’re talking. You can still have the latte too, but go with a tall and ask them to make it dry with ‘no room’, so they fill the cup up all the way, and you’re still doing better than if you go with the larger portions. Your pocketbook will save about $5 per day this way too, you can still have the convenience of eating out, and I promise you–after you do it, you will NOT be any hungrier or fuller feeling than if you did the full-sized meal. You really won’t even consciously notice it, unless you TELL yourself otherwise. You CAN retrain your body to rethink ‘full’. You CAN still have the fast food you sometimes want, if you want it.

And that’s what I’m getting to: Portion sizes are out of control!

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Cooking with Spices

Spices Taste Great and Are Good for You Too!

1102268_41002496A brief look at some popular spices used in cooking and their potential health benefits. Garlic, Onions, Cayenne, Ginger, Black Pepper, Tumeric, and Cinnamon.

Do you like spicy food, full of flavor? Well, there may be benefits from eating those spicy dishes, other than just great taste, that you may not have known. Garlic, peppers, onions, cayenne and other zesty spices and seasoning items actually have health benefits too. Let’s look at some of these popular spices and seasonings and see exactly what benefits they offer our health. The other great thing about spices is that you can take a basic recipe, basic piece of meat or fish or vegetables, and completely change the flavor, taste and experience of the dish with just a few spices.

Below are some of my favorite basic spices along with their potential health properties:

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