Restaurant Review: Masa Sushi Sake, League City (Dickinson), Texas

46274_10150263552875226_5944905_nMust Try the “Yummy Must Try” at Masa Sushi Sake (off menu, ask)

Sushi and sake, Japanese dining with Texas flare and style–Masa Sushi Sake offers a little something for everyone.


298402_10152132106460226_2098797807_nMasa Sushi Sake Location

Masa Sushi Sake, a Japanese American fusion restaurant in League City, Texas, located at 1804 FM 646, Suite R, near Dickinson with other locations.

Masa Sushi Sake Parking

Nestled in a shopping center, with easy access and excellent parking, we pulled up on the front side of Masa Sushi Sake, and were met with dark tinted windows, properly obstructing our view of diners, but allowing the folks inside to see out with no problems. I thought the outside looked good, inviting, slightly upscale for the shopping center in which it was located. It was well-lit for nighttime, and safe and secure.421250_10152132105850226_468982049_n

Masa Sushi Sake Interior

Inside, the décor was not quite Japanese, but we were met with hanging lamps and the classic paper globe lights. To the left, a balcony dining area was plush with linen table cloths and leather backed chairs. In front of us and to the side were regular color-topped tables and wooden chairs.

185620_10150427484665226_6348285_nToward the back wall, there was the bar, with a selection of your standard drinks of choice, but also a rack of various sake wine bottles. I had never seen so many choices of sake in one place before! The bar is nicely underlit with changing colors, and along one section of the bar, you can see the sushi window with all the choices before the chefs. Everything is clean and neat and the seafood in the serving window is quite fresh and appetizing looking.

Playing on the overhead stereo is a selection of most of my favorite 80s music. One of my favorite things about going to Masa Sushi is that I love the music, though I do think during happy hour that the music is too loud and intrusive for the dining experience.

Masa Sushi Sake Menu

While the lunch menu was very reasonable (albeit with a limited selection for lunch), the dinner menu was average in pricing for my sushi eating experience, 218151_10152132105600226_2015705878_nwith a much better selection of dishes from which to choose. You can find the Masa Sushi Sake menu online at this website (see end of article for link).

With both hot and cold dishes available, and a very limited American cuisine, both sushi fans and picky family members can find something to eat at Masa Sushi Sake. My son loves the tilapia with tempura for the fish and chips, and I must say it is the absolute best fish and chips I have ever eaten. In fact, it’s so good, I have ordered the fish and chips before for myself, several times, even when I adore sushi so very much. It’s just a dish they do quite well.

Masa Sushi Sake Wait Staff

76200_10152132106205226_439511558_nThe first time we went to Masa, I wanted to order a little bit of everything, to taste as much as I could in one meal. That’s why we asked our waitress what was best to order for dinner, so we could get a good sampling of as many varieties of sushi and sashimi as possible. The wait staff at Masa Sushi Sake are attentive and courteous, and our particular waitress took the time to tell us all the best dishes and tell us what each of the pieces of sashimi we ordered were. We have been back many times since, and have never had bad service at Masa. As with any restaurant, some days are better than others, but the service ranges from good to exceptional. Their busing staff are excellent at making sure you never are without water or soda or tea as well.

Masa Sushi Sake: The Meal

For appetizers, we ordered a dish called “Yummy Must Try”. Yes, the name of the dish was “Yummy Must Try”. It was an interesting concoction of shrimp, avocado, crab, smoked salmon, tuna, and yellowtail, rolled in soybean paper and wrapped in white fish, shaped into a fish shape on the plate, and then drizzled 47752_10150263553100226_5092893_nin an ocean of sweet eel sauce and spicy mayo and topped with smelt roe. Oh. My. Goodness. The name says it all. It’s yummy, and you must try it. Cost: $7.99. Unfortunately, they have since taken this item off the menu (and I can’t imagine why!) but the manager says it’s an off menu item that can still be ordered if you simply ask for it. The Masa Tower is another appetizer that we enjoy, because it gives you a sampling of a variety of flavors, including sweet ground salmon with spicy mayo, spicy tuna, avocado, smelt roe, rice and cucumber in a tower, drizzled with sauce. It’s fun to eat too, sort of like a game of Jenga to see who takes that first bite that makes the tower fall over.

We settled on ordering the Sashimi B Dinner Sampler, which is 15 pieces of sashimi, including tuna, octopus with fresh lemon slices, white fish, fresh salmon and super white tuna, nestled beside shredded radish, served with soy sauce and eel sauce. Cost: $23.99

46495_10150263553205226_3450903_nWe also ordered the Sushi C sampler, which included 20 pieces of sushi (two each of 10 varieties), as well as five spicy tuna rolls and 10 small California rolls. The Sushi C meal included tuna, super white tuna, salmon, smoked salmon, eel, white fish, red fish, crab, squid and pocket sushi. Cost: $28.98.

Both meals were served with miso soup and a dinner-sized salad with the best tasting ginger dressing I’ve had at any Japanese restaurant ever. We also ordered two carafes of warm sake that was not the best sake I’ve ever had, but it was pretty darned good. With happy hour, we managed to get good drink prices. (They frequently have free steamed edemame and $1 sake during their happy hour specials).

If you want an appetizer that is good for you and tastes good too, consider the sauteed edemame. It is the soybeans in their shells, sauteed in soy sauce with garlic slices and jalapeno slices, with lots of garlic and sea salt, and it is one of my favorite things to munch on. I’ve recreated this dish at home now, for when we don’t want to go out, because it’s just that good.

Masa Sushi Sake Prices

As stated earlier, the prices were reasonable for the type of food we were ordering. We had more than enough for two people and ended up taking some of our 46495_10150263553200226_7675900_nmeal home with us to eat later that evening. Of course, the rest of the leftovers went to the cats and the dog. Could you believe both cats turned their noses up at super white fresh tuna? Once you’re past the neat designs and plating of the fancy sushi dishes–all of which are quite gorgeously plated–and when you want to get down to real hard-core sushi eating, the hand rolls are very yummy, fresh and quite reasonably priced. We frequently will eat lunch there, ordering the sauteed edemame and two hand rolls, and walk away under $30 bucks quite satisfied.

The total for our two dinner meals, with all the samplers, two drink orders, and an appetizer was about $80. While it’s definitely not family dining prices, for a treat, and for the type of food, the price was more than reasonable in my opinion.

185620_10150427484655226_3656314_nFinal Analysis of Masa Sushi Sake, in Dickinson:

Flat out, after living and dining in the Galveston/Houston area for the past five or so years, Masa Sushi was one of the first and remains one of the best places I have ever dined at here. We go back there frequently, particularly loving having a leisurely late lunch after happy hour starts but before the dinner rush. The manager almost always visits our table, they recognize us and greet us as regulars each time we return, and we now are members of the Masa Sushi Sake club, with the cards that earn points with each meal for free dining. Every time you earn a specific number of points, you get a gift card for $20 in dining credit. We take advantage of this, because we like their food so much.

Masa Sushi Sake can be a great place for a business dinner or lunch but it makes for a good romantic dining establishment as well. If you like sake, the happy hour specials aren’t bad. The food is fresh and good and the prices range from high to average, but if you do it right, you can eat inexpensively there as well. Try the kim chi at least once, because it’s worth it. Don’t forget the Tako–it’s my favorite thing on their menu.

Masa Sushi Sake The Website

You can find the Masa Sushi Sake and the Masa Sushi Fusion websites at

While there, be sure to check out the picture gallery of the amazing and nearly artistic dishes and don’t forget to play with the little fishes in the background that follow your mouse around.

All said and done, I recommend Masa Sushi Sake to anyone who enjoys sushi, but if sushi and sashimi are not your thing, they have steak and hibachi grill, fried fish and a few other American choices for the less adventurous amongst us.

The pictures posted in this blog are actual photos of food I have personally ordered from Masa Sushi Sake over the years. Their presentation is just gorgeous.


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