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Massaged Kale Citrus Salad–Salty & Sweet & Spicy

organic-cabbage-plant-1255128-mKale is one of those leafy greens that are so good for you (in moderation), but a lot of folks just don’t like it. It has a bitter ‘bite’ to it that’s tough to take for those who aren’t into eating things that are very ‘green’ tasting. I’ve learned how to prepare kale many different ways, though, in order to make it taste better and let you enjoy the pleasure of eating it while getting the awesome plant-based nutrition that you may be wanting in your diet.

Kale chips are one of my all-time favorite snacks, super easy to make. It is, however, expensive and that’s a downside, but it’s so worth it. I make dehydrated kale chips, baked kale chips, fried kale chips, kale chips with nutritional yeast that taste like cheesy chips, kale chips with sea salt and pepper, kale chips with spices… I think you get the idea that I like kale chips.

But if you’re wanting to try kale more natural but still without that bite that is off-putting, then massaging kale with some citrus prior to serving it solves the problem easily and tastily. You can use lemon or lime if you want something that’s more tart or orange juice for something more sweet. Orange juice takes a little longer to take the bite out of the kale, so I use a combination of orange juice and lime juice to massage those juices into the kale and get that bite out faster than orange juice alone, and with a fresh, bright pop from the lemon juice too.

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Fennel & Onion Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped, Paprika-Crusted Chicken Breast

Untitled33Wow, talk about a mouthful for the name of this dish, but it’s actually a really simple one to make. I used skinless chicken breasts, but you can use ones with skin on if you’re into chicken skins. However, since it’s spicy rub encrusted, the spices absorb into the chicken somewhat better if you use skinless chicken for the dish. If you’re looking to make the dish on the cheap, you can use the bulk frozen chicken breasts that you can buy at the grocery store or Sam’s club.


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Cooking with Spices

Spices Taste Great and Are Good for You Too!

1102268_41002496A brief look at some popular spices used in cooking and their potential health benefits. Garlic, Onions, Cayenne, Ginger, Black Pepper, Tumeric, and Cinnamon.

Do you like spicy food, full of flavor? Well, there may be benefits from eating those spicy dishes, other than just great taste, that you may not have known. Garlic, peppers, onions, cayenne and other zesty spices and seasoning items actually have health benefits too. Let’s look at some of these popular spices and seasonings and see exactly what benefits they offer our health. The other great thing about spices is that you can take a basic recipe, basic piece of meat or fish or vegetables, and completely change the flavor, taste and experience of the dish with just a few spices.

Below are some of my favorite basic spices along with their potential health properties:

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Restaurant Review: Masa Sushi Sake, League City (Dickinson), Texas

46274_10150263552875226_5944905_nMust Try the “Yummy Must Try” at Masa Sushi Sake (off menu, ask)

Sushi and sake, Japanese dining with Texas flare and style–Masa Sushi Sake offers a little something for everyone.


298402_10152132106460226_2098797807_nMasa Sushi Sake Location

Masa Sushi Sake, a Japanese American fusion restaurant in League City, Texas, located at 1804 FM 646, Suite R, near Dickinson with other locations.

Masa Sushi Sake Parking

Nestled in a shopping center, with easy access and excellent parking, we pulled up on the front side of Masa Sushi Sake, and were met with dark tinted windows, properly obstructing our view of diners, but allowing the folks inside to see out with no problems. I thought the outside looked good, inviting, slightly upscale for the shopping center in which it was located. It was well-lit for nighttime, and safe and secure.421250_10152132105850226_468982049_n

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Grilling Hints and Tips for Barbecue

Make Summer BBQs Better with These Grilling Tips


Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time to pull out the BBQ grill and start grilling in the backyard sun. This article provides some hints and tips for perfect grilling.
Everyone who owns one is likely dreaming of getting the outdoor grill ready for the summer barbeques. Outdoor grilling can be a fun family or friend activity during the warmer months, and grilling meats and veggies make for more flavorful foods.

Good outdoor grilling begins before you start up the flames. Let’s look at some pre-grilling hints and tips first.

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