How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise

A quick and easy homefries-356493-mmade mayo recipe is a great thing to have on hand. Mayo can spoil quickly in the fridge if you don’t use it that often, so buying big, processed jars of it just doesn’t always make sense. Also, it’s processed. Enough said.

This recipe is a quick and easy homemade mayo recipe that my best friend uses to make mayo and what’s so great about this is that you can flavor your mayo to complement each meal. For example, when we make mayo for a dressing for a Mexican salad, we can add some taco seasoning to the mayo and really kick up the flavor. I have this one recipe for a mayo covered salmon (it’s sooo good! I’ll be sharing it soon!), and we add paprika and some extra lemon juice to the mayo for that one. If you’re going to make a ranch dressing, you can use this mayo recipe as the base for your dressing. The possibilities are endless.

Essentially, if you’ve ever heard the word aioli, mayo is similar to that. So when you see a recipe that calls for an aioli sauce, you’re basically going to be making a flavored mayo. One difference my friend does with the mayo she makes is that she uses the whole egg, so there is no waste.

So now, you want to get out your handy blender–no, not the hand blender, but your big, actual blender, and let’s get started making homemade mayo.


Eggs, farm-fresh, free-range, non-pasteurized eggs are best.

Recipe is written PER EGG, so this recipe if for one egg. You want to add these ingredients in the same proportions for each egg you add. 3-4 eggs makes a good batch for an average family, unless you’re just a big mayo eater!

1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. mustard powder
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tablespoon vinegar (you can use different flavors of vinegar for different flavors
3 pinches of dry sweetener–Stevia, Splenda, sugar
1 cup of oil (we use olive oil, which gives it a slightly different taste–canola oil is the most commonly used oil for mayo)

Keeping in mind that making mayo is a bit of a chemical reaction to get the thickness from the liquid and dry ingredients, you need to make this in a very particular order, or else it won’t thicken up. We have thrown away some batches of mayo that never turned into mayo and thrown away a few batches that set, but then separated. So if this happens, don’t sweat it. It does happen. One of the things that helps is making sure the eggs are room temperature, not cold from the fridge. Let them sit out for a bit while you gather the other ingredients and get the blender ready.

Crack the room-temperature eggs into the blender cup. Add the salt, mustard and dry sweetener into the eggs. Next, turn on the blender with the lid in place. Once the blender is running on a high speed, take the center portion of the blender lid (the one that allows you to pour things into the running blender a little safer than taking the whole lid off). Mix the lemon juice and vinegar in a small measuring cup and have your oil handy in the another cup. Now, you want to very, very slowly, drizzle about 1/3 of the vinegar/lemon juice. Then pour in slowly, another drizzle, of the oil. Keep doing this, 1/3 of the vinegar and oil at a time. You want to do this very slowly, like a drizzle, because otherwise, it won’t set. As you’re drizzling, it’s possible the mixture will thicken up some on the sides, and that’s okay, but it can make it hard to continue mixing. If that happens, use a baking spatula to gently scrape the sides back down into the blades, and keep mixing.

It won’t take long for the mixture to set, and you’ll know it’s done when it looks like what mayo should look like. Unlike the store-bought stuff, there will be a slightly yellow tint to your mayo, because you don’t add any titanium dioxide to yours to make it super white! That’s a good thing, by the way.

Taste it when you’re done. This is really a preference thing on the flavor, so you want to work with the ingredients until you have the flavor profile you like and then simply repeat that each time. An immersion hand blender can be used for this too (but not a beater blender–it is really tough to make it set with a beater blender), but if you use the immersion blender, be sure to pour the oil in where the blender is, not away from it, so it’s immediately being mixed into the batch and not sitting on the stuff already blended and unsetting it.

It might take you a few tries to get it perfect, but it’s not super expensive and it’s so worth it once you learn how to do it yourself. You’ll have great tasting mayonnaise for mere pennies per serving that you know is healthy and good for you, and you can whip it up any time you want.



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