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Foods that Age Us: How to Eat to Look Younger


Foods that Age Us: How to Eat to Look Younger


The proven theory that eating the wrong types of food can age the body faster also, happily, works in the opposite direction as well; eating the right types of food can actually help keep us younger, both in energy and in appearance. By cutting out the types of food that age bodies faster and switching or replacing those bad foods with foods that help with anti-aging benefits can radically improve energy, stamina, longevity, ward off illnesses without medication, and help us look and feel younger.

Foods That Age Us

First, to get any anti-aging properties from our diet, we must know what food to avoid. The single biggest culprit that causes aging and the appearance of aging is sugar. This doesn’t mean just the white granulated stuff in your canister on the counter either. High fructose corn syrup is even worse for the body than sugar, because it has the same negative effect on insulin in the body as well as having the negative effects that corn itself can cause for aging the body.

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