Creative Ways to Prepare Corn

470_1298214 Corn is a great side dish vegetable that is relatively inexpensive, something even most children will eat, and can make a cheap and easy addition to most any meal. However, plain corn or corn on the cob might get boring, so let’s look at some creative ways to cook and prepare corn for some variety on the dinner plate.

Roasted Corn

The very thought of roasted corn brings to mind county fairs and butter drenched roasted corn wrapped with lots of napkins and dripping butter down your arms. Roasted corn isn’t just for county fairs though, because roasted corn can be made right on the grill at home.

Wrap the corn, husks and all, in aluminum foil and place on the coals or grates of the grill. In a separate pan or deep dish, have melted and salted butter with a dash of garlic waiting. Once corn is cooked, carefully peel back the husks, roll in butter, and then season as desired with any variety of spices the family wants. Some roasted corn favorites include: cayenne pepper, Cajun mixed spices, garlic and herb, lemon or lime pepper or salt, paprika, salt or flavored salts, and chile lime flavors.

Corn Salsa

A chunky corn salsa makes an excellent side dish or topper for any Mexican or Latin/Spanish cuisine meal. Simply make the fresh chunky salsa as normal, and then add a cup of fresh, crispy whole corn kernels.

Corn Fritters

A family favorite is the corn fritter. There are many recipes for corn fritters, but the simplest calls for 1 egg and a can of creamed corn, mixed with just enough flour to make the mixture gooey. Then drop spoonfuls of the corn fritter batter into hot oil and fry. These can be served for breakfast with maple syrup or as a side for dinner.

Corn and Peppers

Roasted red peppers mix with well with whole kernel sweet corn. Slice the peppers and sautee in a pan and then pour the corn in over them and mix well, cooking just until the corn is heated and tender but still slightly crisp.

Corn Omelets

Adding creamed or whole kernel corn in the mix for an omelet adds a sweet and crunchy treat to an egg and cheese omelet. Two or three tablespoons per every three eggs in the omelet mixture should be enough.

These are just a few of the creative ways you can prepare and cook corn without resorting to a plain corn side dish. If you enjoy corn, experiment with different ways of serving it and find something new and creative for the dinner plate.

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